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Pastor’s Corner – Jan 15

Our verse for 2015 as a fellowship is…

 “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.” ~ Ephesians 3:20

As believers and as a local Church as we stand at the beginning of 2015 we should have GREAT EXPECTATIONS because we have a GREAT GOD: a God who is able. If you have not got your fridge magnet yet please ask for one.

One of God’s names tells us that He is able to do whatever He pleases, a name fist revealed to Abraham. He had promised to make Abraham the Father of a great nation, and naturally Abraham needed a son in order for that promise to come true. He thought Hagar’s child, Ishmael, was to be that son, but God told him that Sarah would bear a son named Isaac through whom the promise would be fulfilled. The whole idea was preposterous. Abraham was ninety nine years old and Sarah was ninety, and humanly speaking there was no possible way they could have a son. But God helped them to believe it by the way he introduced Himself that day: Genesis 17:3 “Now when Abraham was ninety nine years old, the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him: ‘I am God almighty; walk before me and be blameless.’”

El-Shaddai is God Almighty, the God who can do anything He wants to do. He is almighty, all-powerful. That name is used 47 more times in the Old Testament and never of anyone but God. It has a New Testament equivalent, used ten times, which means literally “to hold all things in one’s power.”

Throughout the Bible we are told over and over again of God’s omnipotence:

  • He is the Lord strong and mighty (Psalm 24:8)
  • Power belongs to him (Psalm 62:11)
  • Great is our Lord, and abundant in strength (Psalm 147:5)
  • He is able (Eph 3:20)

Do you believe that today? Most of us have had disillusioning experiences with people who have promised more than they have been able to deliver. Consequently, we have a tendency to transfer our scepticism to God. Does He really care? Is He really in control? Does He really have the power to bring good out of adversity? Is He really able?

I remember on one occasion at the age of 18, God called me to serve for three months with Operation Mobilisation in Russia, during my holidays from University. As it got closer to the time to go I began to get more anxious about what lay ahead. I felt out of my depth and doubted that God could use me.Picture1

It was at this time when I received a letter from a friend. I still have the letter and it inspired me and confirmed to me afresh that God was able. Part of it said: “Rae, God has called you. He will equip you.” And then quoting Scripture it said: “Do not be afraid, only believing. For He is able.”

There is a song that we sometimes sing that confirms this wonderful truth:

  • He is able, more than able, to accomplish what concerns me today.
  • He is able, more than able to handle anything that comes my way.
  • He is able, more than able, to do much more than I could ever dream.
  • He is able, more than able, to make me what he wants me to be.

So this year let us remember that He is able, more than able. Ephesians 3:20 HE IS ABLE to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask, think or imagine.

This year, as William Carey once said, let us as a fellowship of believers in Lossie Baptist Church…

 “Expect great things from God; Attempt great things for God.”



Tech Corner – 9

Tech 1At the time of writing we are approaching the New Year. By the time you read this we will be well into January and looking at the year to come. Since the refurbishment of the sanctuary we have been getting used to the new systems. We have a good system, but as always we are still struggling for personnel. As a team we could do with four or five new trainees to build the team skill base. In the next month we will be drawing up the rota for the next six months so now is a great time to jump in and join the team. We try to have three people on duty at any one time so we have space to do some training and cover the audio and visuals. At any one time, one of the team is mixing the audio; making sure that you can hear the words and switching microphones on and off as necessary. The second is running the graphics screens managing the words, videos and the video feeds to the hall and vestibule. The third techy, when we have one is able to run the camera, and assist the others with support and training.   When we only have two, the shift is much more stressful and there is less opportunity to deliver training.

This month, we are caught up in a wave of new technology. We (as a family) have given up on Microsoft Windows 8 and moved to Mac. Windows 9 has been scrapped, and Windows 10 is not due out until the end of the year. There is a wealth of new software to play with for the Mac OsX not least of all is Qlab a program that lines up and plays video and music clips. We are also exploring software to undertake multi-track recording of special services. We even have a new Macbook spare if anyone is looking for one?!!

This month’s hot tips are websites. Firstly, PC lessons online is a free source of how-to videos covering many of the common issues with using PC or Apple technology, including iphones and ipads. Check-out for any number of useful videos. So much easier than reading the manual – when there is one! Secondly, in the same vein, is YouTube, believe it or not. 2 as I am sure I have mentioned before, contains so much more than just pranks and pop videos. There are video tutorials {of various qualities} on just about every subject from how to tie knots and bake cakes to how to apply compression and gating to a drum kit. It is a great resource if you focus your search carefully and you know what you want to learn.

Neil & the team…

New Chaplaincy…

The Pastor has recently been appointed Chaplain to Lossiemouth FC. They play in the Scottish Highland League. footballThis is a great opportunity to build links with the community through being intentionally relational. Alex Ferguson, the ex Manchester United manager describes the benefits of Chaplaincy: “Chaplains can be of help to all sorts of people involved with sport, when crisis, need, or difficulty comes. I commend the idea of sports chaplaincy and the work of Sports Chaplaincy to you.”

Pray for the Pastor as he takes up this role. If you would like to find out more information about Sports Chaplaincy check out their website at

If you would like to find out more about Lossie Fc check out their website at

Report from Romania

Report from Romania
On Friday 27th of July a team of 15 willing helpers set out to travel over 2000 miles to Dorohoi in Romania to run a Kids‟ Club at the Centre of Hope. Our first problem arose when our flight from Aberdeen to London was delayed causing me to nearly have a nervous breakdown. After prayer and a long wait, we boarded our plane which thankfully made up time and, with a swift changeover, we were all checked in for the flight to Bacau.


After a three hour flight through the night and a two hour time zone jump we landed at 6 am in Romania. Our first stop was McDonalds for breakfast before a bumpy three hour drive to the Centre. On our arrival there were many kids playing in the park at the centre, excited to see what the week ahead would have in store. The team tried to get as much rest as possible and started to acclimatize to the high temperature and humidity. Sun-day was a day of preparation for the club as well as a walk around the town. In the evening we attended the local Baptist Church where we all had a part to play in the service.
Monday saw the start of the week‟s routine – up at 7 am first shower of the day, breakfast at 8 am; club prepa-ration and prayer time at 9 am; the club ran from 10 am till 12 noon every day. We had an average of 50 kids attending with 75 one day. The club consisted of Bible stories, craft, dramas, songs and games. The kids loved all we did but most of all just wanted to spend time with us. At 12 noon the team met for lunch and a debrief before afternoon activities kicked off.
From 2 pm onwards it was back in the heat playing with the kids, doing face painting, loom bands, nails, craft and team games. Most afternoons the temperature was 36C with 89% humidity so the team‟s biggest challenge was staying hydrated and not getting exhausted working in the heat. Each afternoon four members of the team went with Peter and Lesley to visit local families so that they could better appreciate the living conditions and situations of the local children. Everyone was challenged by these visits and how little the local people have.
Dinner, cooked by the Centre‟s chefs, was at 6 pm. Throughout the week we tried many lovely Romanian dish-es and puddings. After dinner we met as a team to worship, pray and discuss what was on our hearts. Every night one of the team shared a devotion. The devotions encouraged and challenged us all as team to go deeper with God and to give more of ourselves. After this we would chill, go for a walk or have another shower before we got some rest.
As a team we worked hard to show God‟s love to the kids and to share what Jesus has done. The kids in return showed us that you don‟t need money or material possessions to be happy. God blessed us as a team and we are thankful to say there were no major injuries, No D&V and no major fall outs as a team. I‟m sure everyone in the team has been challenged by God with what we have seen during our time in Dorohoi.
The team would like to thank everyone for their giving, support and prayers. We could not have done it with-out. We want to say a special thanks to Peter and Lesley for the opportunity and for all the help and support throughout our time with them. It is in inspiring to see what they are doing in Dorohoi.

Tech corner – 8

Tech 1


At the time of writing this it’s July; difficult to believe that it was February that we last posted a tech corner.   A few weeks ago we spoke about the website in the morning service. I thought it would be good to recap some of the items from that morning.

There are, in essence, two groups of people that use the website, the church attendees and the visitors. We try to use the website to communicate information to those that stumble across us, either because they were googling Lossie, or looking for a church in the area. This can be information about service times, where we meet, etc. or in more depth, it could be about what we believe, or our vision for the church in Lossiemouth. In both cases we hope that the website would attract individuals, and give the impression that LBC is a place where they would be welcome and find friendship. In order for this to happen, they need to be able to find us in the first instance. – see box The verb ‘to google’       Accessing the Internet; there are only a couple of ways to find information. One way is to type in the exact code for the page (called a URL) e.g. or one of the search engines will give you a range of pages that represent whichever search words you type in.. There are a number of search engines, of which the most well-known is Google. Hence typing into Google is Googling. The problem with search engines is the number of results they produce. A google search for ‘Lossie’ takes just over a quarter of a second to produce 793,000 results. LBC comes up 4th….! Out of 793,000 i.e on the first page

The second group are our own attendees. There are two objectives to consider here. The way the search engines work is a closely guarded secret, but there are some known parameters. Broadly speaking, the more a page is used and the more connections/links it has, the more it will rise up the search engines rankings. Our aim is to have it on the front page; top ten… Consequently, if we have a good site that the congregation use regularly, then we will be and remain on the front page of the search engines, making us accessible to the visiting public.

The web page has a wide range of features (33 pages) many of which may be of interest to you. Please consider helping with the website by doing some or all of the following.

  • If you haven’t had a look yet? please do.
  • Use the features on a regular basis (daily bible readings, weather forecast, tide times, EA news, Tech 2church diary)
  • Use the links on each page to make recommendations (and hence links) on your social media pages. Tweet to hashtag #lossiebc, ‘like’ on Facebook, or just send email recommendations to friends
  • Encourage visitors to the church to sign our visitors book online
  • If you are an organisation leader – please check your page and give me updates at least every 6 months or so – let’s not get stale!   Men’s fellowship – have you read your page?
  • Finally, give me suggestions about what you would like on the site…

Neil & the team…


Dohohoi Trip ~ 25th July-3rd August

content14_clip_image026In a few days time a group of our young people are going to the GLIA Centre of Hope in Romania.  This is their page, this is their story…

For more details on the Centre for Hope and the work they do…click here


Day one – about 60 children at 10:00 and more trickling in. Temperature 30C+ ……

We have had a brilliant first day of our holiday club in the GLIA centre of hope, Dorohoi.

Around 70 children attended and we told Bible Stories, the kids sang songs, played games and completed crafts.  The holiday club is called ‘Nava aventura’ which means ship adventure.  Today’s theme was sea of choice and we looked at the story of Jesus healing the leper.

The children were very excited To find out more about the story and take part in the days activities.

In the afternoon, some played football, other made loom bands and some had their faces and nails painted.  Some of the team visited some of the locals and experienced something of the extreme poverty that they face on a day to day basis.

The weather has been extremely warm and we are all sweating.  It is great fun but very tiring.

Day two – Tuesday – about 33-35C this morning. about 70 children again.

Today we had 70 kids come along to “Nava aventura” and we were happy to see new faces from some of the surrounding villages.  Children are picked up (the more the merrier) with heaps of kids being crammed in for a lift to the club. We are improving our Romanian by the day as the children are always keen to teach us. They are having heaps of fun and enjoy the scottish sweets on offer if they recite the memory verse! Todays craft was making a fishing game and the kids loved playing with them in the afternoon.

Each day a few of the team are taken out to visit some of the people that are cared for by Glia. When they return they are humbled and moved by what they saw. And it is an experience that they will never forget.

We are now heading off to bed – all shattered from the heat and the days activities!

We are all looking forward to seeing what God has planned for tomorrow 🙂

Day three  ~ very hot again but numbers keeping up (60-70). Team a bit tired today.

The weather continues to be very warm.  We are now beginning to enjoy the shade.

We are very aware of God’s presence as we serve Him here in Dorohoi.  The children’s club continues to go well and in the last couple of days we have told the children the stories of blind Bartimaeus and Zaccheaus.  We have had the opportunity to tell them about how much Jesus loves each one of them.  The children very much enjoy the singing and praise, particularly they love the song, ‘Our God is a Great big God‘.

There were 75 children at the club today Day four;  We have done various different crafts with them including bracelets, colouring in and making crosses.  They very much enjoy this, even the teenagers.  This afternoon we played various games with them.

Some of the team have again been out visiting some of the families that GLIA help.  This has been very challenging and has impacted them greatly.  It is hard to put into words. The team are well settled and have built great relationships with the centre staff and with the children.

Mark and Matt have built a bunk bed and will be fitting it tomorrow.

Please pray for wisdom, energy and a continued anointing upon each and every member of the team.

To God be the Glory

La revedere



Matt ~ May Update

As you were reading last month’s magazine I was at Spring Harvest and what a week it was! I worked as part of the Energize team with fellow DNAers which is led by Doug and Belinda Horley. Our team looked after the 8-11 age group for 5 hours in the morning and 3 at night for 5 days. We played many games and did lots of activities but what impacted me the most was the level at which we taught the kids and how much God wanted to minister into their lives. I have never seen God move so much in kids’ work. We had 400 kids who God poured His Spirit into and many got pictures, visions and the gift of tongues from God. Continue reading Matt ~ May Update