Matt ~ May Update

As you were reading last month’s magazine I was at Spring Harvest and what a week it was! I worked as part of the Energize team with fellow DNAers which is led by Doug and Belinda Horley. Our team looked after the 8-11 age group for 5 hours in the morning and 3 at night for 5 days. We played many games and did lots of activities but what impacted me the most was the level at which we taught the kids and how much God wanted to minister into their lives. I have never seen God move so much in kids’ work. We had 400 kids who God poured His Spirit into and many got pictures, visions and the gift of tongues from God.
The following weeks after Spring Harvest I had trips to London and Aberdeen for DNA. We spent time planning our mission trips and taking on roles which are needed. Our teaching sessions have been on law and grace, leadership, confrontation, gospel evangelism, the Trinity, Christology, Mark’s Gospel and sacraments. We have spent some time out doing evangelism on the streets. I love this and am looking forward to doing more in June.
Next week I will be heading to Ehrenfriedersdorf in Germany as part of a team from DNA. There we will be doing kids/youth work, Street works, running events, leading services, and anything else the church wants. I can’t wait to get out there and see God use us as a team and grow us in our gifts even more. DNA has been amazing so far at pushing me in every area and they continue to do this. Only God knows where the limit is. I never imagined I would have achieved so much this year but with God nothing is impossible even if I have a long way to go.
Work at the church has been great. Most of my time has been spent running YF and Area 4:12 where we have been looking at the life of Jesus.matt (1)
Preparation for our visit to GLIA in Dorohoi, Romania is well underway. Thank you to all who have helped with the Beetle Drive, Praise Night service and the Soup and Sweet Lunch. Not only did we raise lots of money (the total so far is £1600), the events were great times of fun, fellowship and evangelism. I’m working on other fundraising ideas which will hopefully come together to help the team with the trip costs.
Dads’ and Lads’ football is going great. We get a good 30 lads every week which is more than enough for indoor football. We get great opportunities to chat with the Lads and it’s so evident that they need Christ in their lives. The sad thing is that they are far from accepting it. Please pray for them and our witness in this ministry. Many of the young people have had exams over the last month. Please pray for them and their future and that they will be following God’s will. It’s always sad to see members of the youth leaving for uni and other adventures
but as always more come up from primary school and the work continues.
Thanks to Carol Jack who came to speak with the teenagers about her time in Malawi. It’s great for them to hear about how God uses and guides us.
I love working for the Church but at times I find it tough trying to juggle DNA, work at Phillip’s and family life. Seeing God move in people’s lives keeps me going though and reminds me that my life’s not about me but all for Him.
Thank you to everyone for their continued encouragement and support. God has provided and blessed me in so many ways this year and I have seen so many answers to prayer.
Please pray for me as I consider how and where God wants me to serve after August.
Thanks, Matt.