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Junior-Church: holiday clubJunior-Church: When’s it on?

The Junior-Church at LBC runs each week in tandem with the 11.00am service.    At LBC we believe that children are part of the Church and as such are very welcome.  Our 11am service is family friendly with lots of children in the first part of the service.  Before the teaching starts, they are given the option to go through to the halls to take part in age-relevant activities.  If you are new to the church look for Kate Wakeford before the service or simply speak with one of the other parents to find out where to go.

Who can go?  

In term time the Junior-Church is split into 5 age groups:

  • Pre-school
  • Primary 1 and 2
  • Primary 3 and 4
  • Primary 5, 6 and 7
  • Secondary

In the school holidays junior-church runs, in a more informal format for 3-11 yrs.

Who runs junior church?

At the present time there are 11 leaders.  All of us have different gifts, abilities and styles of teaching but our aim is the same: to share the love of Jesus with the children, help them understand their Bible better, encourage them to grow in their faith and live their lives for God.

What do we do?

We use age appropriate activities including games, drama, discussion, crafts etc. to explore the Bible in a way that is relevant to children and young people.  Currently we are basing many of our lessons on the popular online, Bible based resource, Urban Saints.  More information on urban saints can be found at www.urbansaints.org/energize.

The children  participate in the main service several times a year, showing the congregation what they have been learning.  We also provide some fun activities throughout the year so that the families of the junior church children can get to know one another better.

For more information Contact Kate Wakeford or
Judith Patterson



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