Tech Corner 10

Tech 1At the time of writing we are pushed to the line. We should get this into the mag (beginning of March) by an hour or two. Timing is important and sometimes really difficult to get right. When you are sitting at the computer controlling the graphics as the congregational belt their way through the latest praise song, it can be very difficult to get the button push just right. Too early and the congregation loose their thread. Too late and there is an embarrassing pause as three people carry on from memory and the remainder wait. Sitting singing along, praising God, and I just have to push that button, now… and now…. and {what’s the next song?} {how many verses are there?} and where are we … now… sorry! It’s the hardest job in the tech team. Later this month, we are planning to have a tech afternoon. During the afternoon we will leave all our kit set up and invite / encourage members of the congregation to come in and see what we do. We can give you a chance to mix the band, from a multi-track recording, or set up the videos for a service. Come and see what we do – watch the notices and website for a date. Speaking of which, we are sitting at just under 700 hits a month. We are attempting to keep the pages up to date and adding material as necessary. Please use the site, and link to items of interest – it will keep us on the search pages. Also there is a visitors book for Tech 2guests to sign into and comment on – please encourage any visitors to leave comments. This month’s hot tips – For the techies an Iphone app – JL Audio, SPL meter – measure sound live and analyse the frequencies with an RTA. For the non-techies – how about an online egg timer? –

Date for the diary: Inspiration week – last week in March – Elgin Youth Café – events and inspirational speakers for all ages.

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