Tech Corner 12

The gap between posts is a reflection on how manic life is at the moment and how much, as a fellowship, we have going on. To give you a flavour;

  • Special ‘one service’ Sundays from the end of Nov all through Christmas, with loads of baptisms.
  • Cantata, was preceded this year with an incident that blew the main front of house speakers.  An electronic problem with a  piece of faulty equipment caused the speakers to shriek so loudly that one of them almost fell off the wall. By the time you read this, hopefully, they will be repaired.  Patrick did a fantastic job putting together the ‘jury-rigged’ system that we have all been using over the Christmas period.
  • We have a long standing gremlin in the hall projector that is proving elusive to fix.
  • The radio frequencies that we currently use for our radio mics are being gradually sold off to mobile phone companies for 5G.  This week we took delivery of the first of many replacements we will have to make over the next few years.
  • The new evening service programme is being planned and prepared for – see here for service details

Add to this church meetings, prayer meetings and training evenings and you will see how much has been done recently.  Please pray for the tech team as we try to support the praise and worship team,   and the church leadership…

Part of the problem is caused by our team running at half strength; which in an ideal world means we are looking for five new tech team trainees.  People willing to watch and learn, coil cables and set things out.  Please contact us if you are interested in shadowing for a few weeks.

Anyway, enough of that!  Here are a couple of phone apps for you to have a look at.

  • AA… thats the roadside breakdown service…  If you are one of their 15M members, try our their new phone app. It can remind you when servicing and insurance are due and has a panic button in case you breakdown
  • Fitbit… for those of us who have to watch our weight, the FB mobile phone app can use the phone’s GPS to track your activity and has a built in food log that you can use even if you haven’t bought one of their watches.

More to follow…..