Tech Corner – 9

Tech 1At the time of writing we are approaching the New Year. By the time you read this we will be well into January and looking at the year to come. Since the refurbishment of the sanctuary we have been getting used to the new systems. We have a good system, but as always we are still struggling for personnel. As a team we could do with four or five new trainees to build the team skill base. In the next month we will be drawing up the rota for the next six months so now is a great time to jump in and join the team. We try to have three people on duty at any one time so we have space to do some training and cover the audio and visuals. At any one time, one of the team is mixing the audio; making sure that you can hear the words and switching microphones on and off as necessary. The second is running the graphics screens managing the words, videos and the video feeds to the hall and vestibule. The third techy, when we have one is able to run the camera, and assist the others with support and training.   When we only have two, the shift is much more stressful and there is less opportunity to deliver training.

This month, we are caught up in a wave of new technology. We (as a family) have given up on Microsoft Windows 8 and moved to Mac. Windows 9 has been scrapped, and Windows 10 is not due out until the end of the year. There is a wealth of new software to play with for the Mac OsX not least of all is Qlab a program that lines up and plays video and music clips. We are also exploring software to undertake multi-track recording of special services. We even have a new Macbook spare if anyone is looking for one?!!

This month’s hot tips are websites. Firstly, PC lessons online is a free source of how-to videos covering many of the common issues with using PC or Apple technology, including iphones and ipads. Check-out for any number of useful videos. So much easier than reading the manual – when there is one! Secondly, in the same vein, is YouTube, believe it or not. 2 as I am sure I have mentioned before, contains so much more than just pranks and pop videos. There are video tutorials {of various qualities} on just about every subject from how to tie knots and bake cakes to how to apply compression and gating to a drum kit. It is a great resource if you focus your search carefully and you know what you want to learn.

Neil & the team…