Working in the cloud

Tech 1Tech time once again! Today we have a request… As a team we use DropBox a file sharing program to allow multiple members of the tech. and praise team to access files and service schedules etc. There is small amount of free space available when you sign up for DropBox, but to get more you have to pay. One way around this is to sign up your friends to the DropBox service, for which we get an additional free allowance. We are looking for people to try DropBox out, so that we can get the additional space without having to pay a subscription. If this is something you would consider – please speak to us on the tech team. How it works…? We would send you a link to install the program on your own computer. Once you have done this, we get the extra memory allowance in our program. You can use the program to share files with your friend and relatives or simply delete it after a month or two. We would still get the bonus.


One of the things we are looking at currently is creating an App for the church, with current material downloadable to your portable device. Is there anyone in the congregation with experience of creating portable apps? Please speak to me if you have – Neil.


Tech 2Finally, for those of you with Mac’s, I have found a cool app called Grand perspective. It maps your drive and gives you a pictorial representation of the space used by the junk you have on the disks. Allows you to see where you can save space…!