Being Disciples of Christ

To be a disciple of Jesus Christ means a total commitment to our Lord. And commitment to the Lord always means commitment to his Church. I read a quote, this month, from the Word for Today that emphasises this point.

“Your God-given potential will never be realised until you commit wholeheartedly to a local fellowship and invest yourself in serving God’s vision for that Church.”

There is a great story told by Kierkegaard that illustrates this truth:

There was a congenial man who led the fire brigade in a local town. Everyone thought of the fire chief as a gentleman of the highest order. Children loved to visit the firehouse and look at the fire engines. Everyone loved the Fire Chief.

But one day there was a fire! The fire chief rounded up his brigade, and they rushed to the building that had flames pouring from its windows. Much to his surprise, the fire chief couldn’t get to the fire because between him and the burning building were several hundred townspeople. Each of them was holding a water pistol, and from time to time the people would smile at one another and squirt their pistols at the raging inferno.

“What does the fire chief say?”

The fire chief yells, “What are you doing here? Why do you have water pistols? What are you trying to accomplish?”

The spokesman for the group answers, “We’ve all gathered here to support your efforts, sir! We all believe in the good work you do in this community, and each of us has come to make a humble contribution.” With that the people in the crowd smile at each other, aim their water pistols at the fire, squeeze the triggers, and squirt some water at the flames.

“We all could be doing more,” says the spokesman (Squirt! Squirt). Couldn’t we, folks? (Squirt, Squirt). But, the little that each contribute we gladly give, just to show that we are with you.” (Squirt,Squirt)

How does the fire chief respond? The fire chief says, “Get out of here! Fires like this are not for well-meaning people who want to make limited contributions! Such situations demand fireman who are ready to risk their lives in putting out the flames!”

Kierkegaard makes the point that going to Church and making our small contributions to the work of ministry from time to time might be nice, but so much more required of us if we are to be truly committed disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I was reading the roles and responsibilities that every member of LBC commits to:

  • Christian fellowship – All members are expected to attend at services, small groups etc.
  • Christian giving – All members are expected to tithe.
  • Christian service – All members are expected to engage in some form of Christian service.
  • Christian witness – All members are expected to bear witness for Christ.
  • Christian business – All members are expected to attend business meetings.

As pastor of LBC I am so thankful to God for the many disciples of Jesus who are totally committed to the local Church that God has called us to. May we strive to always seek to work for the glory of Christ and His bride.

May God bless you over the summer break.