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Report from Romania

Report from Romania
On Friday 27th of July a team of 15 willing helpers set out to travel over 2000 miles to Dorohoi in Romania to run a Kids‟ Club at the Centre of Hope. Our first problem arose when our flight from Aberdeen to London was delayed causing me to nearly have a nervous breakdown. After prayer and a long wait, we boarded our plane which thankfully made up time and, with a swift changeover, we were all checked in for the flight to Bacau.


After a three hour flight through the night and a two hour time zone jump we landed at 6 am in Romania. Our first stop was McDonalds for breakfast before a bumpy three hour drive to the Centre. On our arrival there were many kids playing in the park at the centre, excited to see what the week ahead would have in store. The team tried to get as much rest as possible and started to acclimatize to the high temperature and humidity. Sun-day was a day of preparation for the club as well as a walk around the town. In the evening we attended the local Baptist Church where we all had a part to play in the service.
Monday saw the start of the week‟s routine – up at 7 am first shower of the day, breakfast at 8 am; club prepa-ration and prayer time at 9 am; the club ran from 10 am till 12 noon every day. We had an average of 50 kids attending with 75 one day. The club consisted of Bible stories, craft, dramas, songs and games. The kids loved all we did but most of all just wanted to spend time with us. At 12 noon the team met for lunch and a debrief before afternoon activities kicked off.
From 2 pm onwards it was back in the heat playing with the kids, doing face painting, loom bands, nails, craft and team games. Most afternoons the temperature was 36C with 89% humidity so the team‟s biggest challenge was staying hydrated and not getting exhausted working in the heat. Each afternoon four members of the team went with Peter and Lesley to visit local families so that they could better appreciate the living conditions and situations of the local children. Everyone was challenged by these visits and how little the local people have.
Dinner, cooked by the Centre‟s chefs, was at 6 pm. Throughout the week we tried many lovely Romanian dish-es and puddings. After dinner we met as a team to worship, pray and discuss what was on our hearts. Every night one of the team shared a devotion. The devotions encouraged and challenged us all as team to go deeper with God and to give more of ourselves. After this we would chill, go for a walk or have another shower before we got some rest.
As a team we worked hard to show God‟s love to the kids and to share what Jesus has done. The kids in return showed us that you don‟t need money or material possessions to be happy. God blessed us as a team and we are thankful to say there were no major injuries, No D&V and no major fall outs as a team. I‟m sure everyone in the team has been challenged by God with what we have seen during our time in Dorohoi.
The team would like to thank everyone for their giving, support and prayers. We could not have done it with-out. We want to say a special thanks to Peter and Lesley for the opportunity and for all the help and support throughout our time with them. It is in inspiring to see what they are doing in Dorohoi.

Matt ~ May Update

As you were reading last month’s magazine I was at Spring Harvest and what a week it was! I worked as part of the Energize team with fellow DNAers which is led by Doug and Belinda Horley. Our team looked after the 8-11 age group for 5 hours in the morning and 3 at night for 5 days. We played many games and did lots of activities but what impacted me the most was the level at which we taught the kids and how much God wanted to minister into their lives. I have never seen God move so much in kids’ work. We had 400 kids who God poured His Spirit into and many got pictures, visions and the gift of tongues from God. Continue reading Matt ~ May Update