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GLIA Gas Bottle Refill Project

During the winter months the temperature in Dorohoi, Romania can average -25°C.  This make life very difficult for those what have little or no income – many of whom struggle to meet most of their living costs.

The Centre of Hope
The Centre of Hope

Many of those that come to the GLIA centre cannot afford to pay for their gas bottles to be refilled or for wood for their Soba’s (stoves) which means that they are unable to cook or keep warm.  We provide gas refills for as many as we can, especially during the winter and we are able to provide wood for some of those that do not have gas bottles

You will see that there is a small blue (imitation) gas bottle by the church welcome desk.  If you would like to contribute to the cost of providing refills or wood there is a slot in the top, all contributions in the gas bottle will be used for gas or wood.

If you are not able to get to our little gas bottle, click on the link above to learn more about GLIA’s Centre for Hope.

Church Business Meeting

Members are asked to please note that the next Church Business Meeting will be held in the  Church on Wednesday 20th January 2016 at 1930.  This meeting will include the Election of Deacons.

Members wishing to make a nomination for the Deaconate should do in writing.  Nominations should include the name and signature of a Proposer and Seconder and be countersigned be the Nominee to  confirm that they have agreed to stand as a candidate .  Five Deacons are coming to the end of their three year term of office, Peter Butcher, Andrew Gault, Sandy McLeod, John Paterson and Andrew Reid.  All are eligible for re-election and must be nominated following the normal procedure.  All nominations, together with any items of business for the meeting, should be with the Secretary be Wednesday 13th January 2016

New to LBC – Welcome…!

New visitor? – welcome to the website of Lossiemouth Baptist Church.  Within these pages you should find out just about everything you need to know about us.  Whether you are moving into the area, or just passing through, we would love to meet you.  Come in and see us and you are assured of a warm welcome. Sign our visitors book online and most of all, let us know you’re here for the first time and we will introduce you to a few folk.

Who took the lampost?
Who took the lampost?



What should I expect at the service?

The services are contemporary, led by our worship band and last about 60-75mins.   They are quite loud, but not painfully so!  The first half is a mixture of singing and prayer, followed by the preacher for the day exploring a passage from scripture.

The first service is the quietist, more reflective, with the 11am and 6pm being louder and more contemporary.  Our worship is lead by one of our worship bands which usually consists of guitars, keys, vocals drums, bass and flute {or any mixture of the above}.  There is invariably tea and coffee between the services with the only exception being when there is communion on.

New Family…?

We pride ourselves on being family friendly and especially at the 11am service there are dozens of kids of all ages – a great place to make new friends if you’re that age.

More information

If you are looking to find out more about tour weekly activities, or what goes on in the church speak with the people on the door as you arrive, or check out the sub menus which contain details of all the church’s activities