New Techies?

IMG_0677Our preoccupation up on the balcony, as you will realise if you have been listening to the notices recently, is people (techs), or lack of them.

We first published this post in May 2015 and since then things have got worse not better ….!

The Need

We need 3 techs…. Having three individuals on for each service allows us to do some training, keeps the stress levels down, and ensures we are prepared and ready to switch on when the Pastor stands up.  So techs, you think your good?Morning and evening, that is 6 people.  Allowing for the team to only work every second shift and occasionally have weeks off requires a team of 12.  We currently have 6½.  Add into the equation the fact that not everyone can work all the shifts, or all the equipment and you can see we are quite stretched.  It takes in the region of a year to bring people up to speed, so I am looking for a number of apprentices (4½) to join the team and learn some new skills.

 The situation is getting so tight that we are starting to grow our own.

Techs Responsibility

We are not looking for someone to come into the team and mix FOH on their first day!  It is likely that you will be coiling cables and plugging in microphones for the first six months.  We try to limit mixing to the same few people, to keep the sound the same.  What we do, as techs, is try to serve the worship team, by having stuff ready for them when they want to play.  For the first week or two you would be just watching, and then if you don’t feel able to help, we will let you go, honest!  We are looking for individuals who would like to serve… plugging cables in, moving music stands, following the Pastor with the camera… lots of stuff that doesn’t require particular skills or background.

The commitment:

We meet to train and set up on a Friday evening (7.30-10.00) and then occasional Sundays.  If you are ‘on the rota’ a Sunday morning is 8.30 – 1.30 and a Sunday evening is 5pm – 7.30.

For more information…

I have spaces on the rota, so now would be a really cool time to start

Please call me if you would consider shadowing our team for a few weeks to see if you would fit in – ‘by the way’, it feels great when it all works… 831363 Neil