Tech (Production) team

Tech in Church?  As a local community church we strive to be culturally relevant to the society we live in.  This often involves innovating and using media to present a message in a way that’s accessible.           Speaking of which we record most services… for details

We also try to contribute techie stuff to the broader congregation through the magazine and blog – tech corner.

As a tech team our vision is in two parts. One is about our service to the church and the other is about developing our own team.


I have borrowed from Chris Huff[1] who in respect of audio production for worship says…

Ultimate Rule to Follow: 11. The purpose of audio production, as far as the congregation is concerned, is to create the best worship environment possible.  You are producing music for the glorification of God.  Measure your actions and motives against this.

It is hoped that, as a sound team, we can be invisible in the worship life of the church, leaving the congregation with a good sound, the band with the best support we can give them and ourselves with the knowledge we have served God with the talents he has given us.jono (tech)


Within our team of technicians, we need to create an environment of professionalism; where individuals are confident that they can cope with whatever is entailed in providing tech support for the worship services.  This involves training and putting in place sufficient support for individuals to feel they can experiment in a safe environment.  Personal development and challenge for individuals will mean that they are more likely to stay on the team and will help fulfil our external goals above.

Tech Commitment

We meet on a Friday night to set up for Sunday and work the services in teams of three.  We also sometimes get together in the afternoon of the fourth Saturday of the month to look at specific issues.

If you have started coming to the church and are considering where you would like to serve we would love to hear from you.  We are always looking for individuals who would like to be involved in service with the tech team. If you think that service production is something you might be interested in, then contact Neil Millward for details of the opportunities available.  See the post for more details…

[1] Chris Huff is the senior technician for an American church, blogger and author.