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LBC2If you have been looking at our site, worshipping with us, or are going to visit us, we would love to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “Visitors Book”

  1. Visited this Sunday (19/3) 11am service – whilst visiting local friends.
    This was a great place to meet Living God & experience Christian community : I worshiped in a blessed place & felt inspired by others…Clear teaching from the front, communicated with a sense of humility – thank you.
    Ps. I love The beach 🙂

  2. As a member of LBC I find I can keep a connection even if I am unable to be there in person ,by accessing this website for information which is kept active by our commited tech team. I find that listening to the missed service via the podcasts a great resource.. I know that friends who stay in England access this also. This is a blessed vibrant community church which has a very warm welcome to all who visit in person and virtually . Come along and experience for yourself how active the Lord is in this beautiful part of Moray.

  3. Originally from Lossie, I recently attended my dear friends Ann Farquhar (Hogarth’s) Baptism. I was made to feel very welcome and came away from the service feeling very Blessed and knowing that I had been in God’s presence. Your worship group was very inspirational and the message very clear. I look forward to visiting you every time I come back to visit Lossie. Thank you and continue in your work in the town.

  4. Really enjoyed the service this morning x could feel that you guys have a very blessed church xx Thank you so much for making us feel welcome. We are only here for a weeks holiday and we wouldn’t have known about you if it wasn’t for your website xx
    Thanks again
    Charlotte and Irene

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