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Cantata 2017 ~

Rehearsals start Sunday 3rd September

Hi friends. Excited for Sunday our 1st practice. Planning to listen through the music together and start teaching “Heart’s Waiting” and “Here we come a carolling”? Don’t worry if you don’t have a CD yet, planning to give them out on Sunday. I know a few of the old faithful singers from cantatas past are bowing out for this year and you will be missed.  Please try and encourage as many people to come along and find out more if you know anyone who you think may enjoy. Especially altos and sops. Great to have new folks already on board. Remind me below who reads music and who just needs words. Picking up the printed scores tomorrow

Dates for the cantata performances will be December   Friday 8th, Sat 9th and Sun 10th Dec

Tech Corner 11 ~ Seating

Tech 1This tech corner, is a guide to church seating, and an encouragement to the congregation to get the most out of choosing where you sit in the building.  We have published this before, but the subject has come up recently, so we are posting it again.

Where should I sit?

In the concert world there is a perception that a good sound system should give a uniform sound dispersion pattern; giving the same experience to every ticket holder; every seat the same.

In the sanctuary, the same perceptions do not hold true. Firstly, the service isn’t a performance, it’s an individual taking part in a corporate activity, but having an individual experience with God. Secondly, we are aware of the variations and rather than spending vast amounts of money trying to fix them, we would encourage you to choose where you sit accordingly.

Loudness: the volume is greatest in the middle of the church and quieter on the front two rows and at the back under the balcony.

Stereo: We mix the sound in stereo, so the best quality of sound is going to be in the middle of the sanctuary.

Deaf loop:  We operate an induction loop for people with hearing aids.  The cabling for this is under the floor about 5 feet out from the wall, so the best signal is in the four seats closest to the wall all around the outside of the sanctuary.

Video screens: A number of years ago, we moved from a big screen and expensive projector to brighter video screens.  They are smaller, but give a much brighter and higher resolution picture, so you should not have difficulty seeing the content.  Unfortunately, we cannot always control what a visiting preacher will turn up with on the Sunday morning.  We issue guidelines, but they are not always followed.   If this is a regular problem, we would encourage you to move to seating further forward in the sanctuary.Tech 2

In a rapidly growing congregation we are always going to have people with different tastes. We would encourage you to get the most out of each service by sitting  in a seat gives you the best acoustic experience.


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Soup ‘n’ Sandwiches – Newcomers

Ifsoup-sandwich you have recently started to come to the church, (six months), we would like to invite you to a Soup and Sandwich lunch on Sunday 13th September, to meet some of the church leaders and to hear about our church ethos and current activities.  Please sign up on the list in the crush-hall if you would like to come –  for catering purposes!  Any queries, please speak with the Pastor, or Chris Gault

Connect ~ Baptist Union

April’s issue for Connect has now hit the presses. This month we are looking into the theme of family, with a specific focus on fostering and adoption. So we have Phil Green from new charity Home For Good, setting out his vision to see a culture of fostering and adoption in churches across the whole of the United Kingdom. Our own Amie Aitken, Children and Families worker at Carluke Baptist, tells us her story growing up as an adopted child and her journey to being a singer-songwriter. There’s are a few more important wee bits to read too like what went on at our recent BUS Council.

Please dowload the attachment or click the web-link here. And for the first time it’s available on your mobile and tablet device via the ISSU app, which can be downloaded from the Apple, Android and Windows app stores. Or you can have a direct link to it here http://issuu.com/scottishbaptist/docs/connectapril15 .

We at the BUS hope you enjoy your Easter celebrations as we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.